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I'm on Three at the moment using a Huawei E160G dongle. No problems here, maybe it's an O2 problem?

happens to me to, but when i press the refresh button it works, try that mate

Guys, what sort of devices are you using to access HUKD? Can't read it via my BlackBerry... obviously ok on my laptop with 3G


Loads fine for me using 3G on my mobile.

How is this a site problem? ou should take this up with o2. lol

Use the 'iukhotdeals' app

what makes you think that its a HUKD site issue? Seems to be your network coverage from the pic.

Just tried HUKD on the BB and iphone and it loads fine.

Edit : there is no direct relation between 3G and websites.
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s'alright saxo buddy, I'm on orange and when I try to access hukd's via 3g on my mobile, it goes to an orange safeguard notification, thinking the site contains HOT (adult) content


doesn't load sometimes on my desire + o2 hsdpa/3g but doubt it's anything to do with the site itself, it has happened a few times while using the wifi too, pretty sure it's a browser problem
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just noticed your signal bar, that's probably not helping

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Yeh prob not helping with the signal being like that

Thanks for the replys people, obviously none goes to Sy as per usual :P haha


Don't worry happens to me all the time,

and a site glitch which il post the pic up just now


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