Are you sure the reason is that its because its been hacked


Hi - you emailed in on Nov 7th at 01:48am and the team got back to you on Nov 7th at 10:01am. Since their message to you they've not heard back.

The important part of the email you were sent:

"We want to reassure you that HotUKDeals takes the safety and security of its members and their registered email addresses very seriously. Member emails are stored securely and we are confident there has not been a breach of data on HUKD servers.

We recommend if you create a new email address, do not use "[email protected]" etc.

Spambots frequently send junk to @hotukdeals addresses and also [email protected], we believe this is what has happened in your case. Especially considering we've not received any other reports of this happening."

I've also edited your title because it is incredibly misleading as there has been no breach. If you'd like to provide more information then please email the team back.
Edited by: "magicjay1986" 17th Nov 2016

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