Thanks for posting this. Will let you know when it is resolved.

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Superb, thanks for the response

This has been fixed please let me know if you are having any more problems..

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Thanks for investigating however same thing is happening my end i.e. choose "deals" from the forums dropdown, and input something into the tags field e.g. "ipod", press save - the ipod text disappears and the custom rss link looks to still be displaying all (unfiltered) content.

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Hi Mods,
is there any progress on this please?


Hi Josla,
This has been fixed. you can now type in a tag and a drop down will appear where you can click on a tag which will automatically be saved.

Thanks again for pointing out this issue.

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Hi, it isn't fixed my end unfortunately, unless I'm missing something.

I can now select from a list of tags as you say, and I click save which means the selected tag list remains. *However* the Custom tab or Custom RSS link shows no relation to what I've just saved.

Clicking the Custom tab doesn't show deals only featuring my selected tags (VIEWING: All filtered by Deals sorted by time made hot)

Clicking the Custom RSS link doesn't either (showing me deals for ben & jerrys and baked beans amongst all kinds of others when I've saved a tag for 'htc desire').

Please let me know if I'm doing this incorrectly, otherwise it seems that the custom functionality isn't working for all members.

Thanks for the heads up. Will do some further investigating.

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Any joy Dev Team?

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Hi All. Been using the site for a few weeks now and finally signed up yesterday, mainly so that I could setup custom alerts. I'm looking for a projector so I added a custom alert thinking I would only get emails when something tagged with 'projector'. I did this last night and must have had over 100 emails today on all sorts of random stuff!

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Yeah - I have the same problem - I assume I'm making a simple error.

I'm trying to set up email alerts for Arrested Development DVDs (it's great!). I've went to Custom Settings, set Forum as 'Deals', and Tag as 'Arrested Development' - and I'm just being sent everything. How do you get around this?

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Mods/development team - has this issue been fixed yet?

FYI: A comment from HeroDeveloper in another Feedback thread four days ago:

[ hotukdeals.com/fee…804 ]


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