I agree with you though, I'm not a fan of the new skin.

i'm really not liking this new layout. far too much bright white background.

It works slightly better if i minimise the window and run it down 1/3 of my monitor, although its still too bright & strains the eyes.

I guess i missed the discussion about the new layout, where people could have gave some input before the management decided to implement it

Resembles the recent Argos web-site change.

I prefer it.

Gawd, this new theme is so horrible.

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Just got the new theme this morning and really dislike it, glad to see there's a way to switch back. It looks busier, harder to digest information at a glance, not comfortable on the eyes. Hope it gets refined!

Looks like HUKD is going the way Office365 (Outlook) went with the dramatic WHITE in your face !!! and you can't change the colour
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Can we have the m.hotukdeals.com site back as well? The new site doesn't render properlyt on my Blackberry Curve. I can't find ghow to change between ask/ misc/ freebies and deals.

OK toggle link above worked for mezn so I am happy (until the next change).

Got to agree the new theme is horrible. Thanks for the info to change it back.

Its not that I prefer one or the other, the new skin/theme doesnt work properly. I could only go to the deal and not access any comments. Which of course is part of the fun of HUKD!!

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