All deals are posted. Look in the NEW section.

If they're not appearing in the HOT section then clearly popular opinion believes they're not that great.

Why stop though? Throwing your toys out of the pram won't change anything. Some deals get hot, some don't. To work out why you'd need to pry into the mind of the great human consciousness that is the HUKD voting collective. Scary.

Its here: hotukdeals.com/ite…-t/

You also posted ]this one which got really hot and will have made it into the 'hot' section. If you posted any others they were probably pulled as they were either duplicates or for some reason not allowed, hope this helps

PS Don't stop posting!

]dealfinderwanter - i suggest you have a read of the help thread for newcomers in my signature to find out how the site works.

Indeed. Although to be honest you haven't really posted very many deals at all have you?

Slim-fast Milkshake Summer Strawberry Powder 438g Now £2.19 instore @ Sainsburys

Philips 11w energy saving bulbs 3 for £0.99p thats 33p a bulb instore

25% off flowers + 12% quidco below is my example of great bunch for £27 should be £39

5mp Digital camera for £26.99 quid. tested myself. Good quality. Great price. £30 delivered on super saver

with 9 posts since Jan 2007 i can see very very busy.
About my first 3/4 deals were cold now most achieve 60-140 yet to post a top 5 deal but im trying
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