- Change the white to something a little darker. I suffer from migraines, and straining my eyes to read text is one of the causes...

A lot of websites use white backgrounds, part of the reason is because this is the standard carried over from print media - books, magazines and newspapers. If you are suffering from this a lot and you don't need glasses then I would recommend adjusting your monitor's backlight/brightness. If you have never done this this could be the reason why as most monitors come with backlight settings turned up way too high! This is generally to make them seem more impressive and "vibrant" in shops and on first use.

I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way - I'm just trying to help I'm just a computer geek who spends hours in front of my screen. I also wear glasses and use coloured slides over printed text on white paper as since I'm dyslexic and the light reflected off the paper makes reading more difficult for me.

I miss the recent comments area and the site seems a lot slower and the font is not good.

Personally I think the whole layout of the last once was great. This one, not so great.

It would be so easy to make simple configuration settings such as "posts per page" " background" colour user configurable, It'd just take a small amount of thought and consideration.
Sadly - this, like so many other threads making critical comments about the new layout will be removed. Testament to the level of respect the Mods have for the members.



This should all be posted here

why? they aren't bugs. They are useful features that have been removed.


- We can choose how many posts to have each page (for the comments), right now it's WAY to low. I've givne up browsing it on my iPod Touch because it's so awkward trying to navigate through the pages. Look at that Windows 7 deal, 25 pages. 5 responses each...way too low.

- Show ALL my activity in the 'activity box', not just deals I've posted. Why remove that? It seems to make no sense

These two are being worked on right now

The others we'll put on the list of requests. They're more personal preference than things that we missed out of the launch

I can't post on the site in work anymore because the "submit" button uses javascript which is disabled on my work computer. I'm gutted.
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