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Luckily both members didn't pay for the phone but the thread now needs looking at by a mod as AV1985 has sold to Wotan against the agreement that was already in place with Fabrizio

Not luckily at all, because I'm an honest buyer and seller. The only reason I gave contact details to both was that HUKD mods have this stupid moderation system where honest buyers and sellers are suspended without breaking rules if the mods THINK that the rules are broken.

And when these proven honest buyers and sellers try and explain something to the mods, they are fobbed off as liars because the mods don't know how to listen and are just... I'll stop short of insulting them full on here.

As a result, due to this ridiculous and undeserved suspension (again, simply because the mods said I was lying when I wasn't) I COULD NOT deal with Wotan or Fabrizio via the forums. So I had given them both my contact details so that in case I got suspended again, I could still sell my N95.

And when I was suspended, Wotan was the first one to contact me and as I couldn't deal via HUKD anyway, he got the buy as he was first.

Before you start moaning RedIron, think about this:

Wotan was paying via PayPal and Fabrizio via BT. There was absolutely nothing stopping me from letting Fabrizio pay via BT, Wotan pay via PayPal, and then send Wotan the phone. Fabrizio was not covered and Wotan was, but Wotan would have no grounds to claim as he got his item.

Instead, I responded to Fabrizio's text message immediately and told him not to pay due to the fact that I was suspended and couldn't deal via HUKD.

I HAD to deal with Wotan who was first as I had no guarantee that Fabrizio would STILL deal with me despite the suspension. He could've said no, personally I would have when via BT I'd have no guarantee! So when an offer came along, I had to take it.

So I was entirely honest and made sure I didn't get £180 twice.

So why the hell are you moaning when I was presented with a clear opportunity to make money twice, not on a cheap £10 item, but on £180, and I went out of my way to make sure nobody was conned.

RedIron, if you have nothing constructive to say, then shhhh.
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