Totally agree..its AWFUL!!!

Where are the voucher a-z lists?

Please put it back to what is was!!:x

i too have spent all day trying to customise this site so i could do what i could do yesterday without out any success. i cannot get new deals in order or set up the site so that deals show as they come in without what would normally be forum threads appearing between them!!! why oh why would anyone with internet website design experience do something so poor and so drasticly different to a site that was so simple to use? fortunately i saw a thread that mentioned an item that appeared on working lunch and within that bbc item were links to other sites that tbh i have enjoyed using throughout the day as they seem to be far easier to navigate. i only hope the bugs of the poor design can be ironed out or the site will die in a small insignificant mouse dropping and the record number of users will never be breached. i also think that having reached so many people as to have record users on line broken again and again and then just one day later change a winning team must have moderators and joe bloggs alike up in arms. the final word should be left to the people i know personally who have spoke to me today (most of whom i recommended to the site ) who have said they cannot use the site anymore and can i help them find some way of making it work again? they think its my fault for crying out loud! these type of people are not internet savvy and to change their homepage so it dosen't look like their homepage anymore was, is a bad idea and needs addressing.

If you want to see the newest hot deals then click Hot, this is the default view.


If you want to see the newest hot deals then click Hot, this is the … If you want to see the newest hot deals then click Hot, this is the default view.

If you want to keep members click 'restore backup from 12/12/07" "Yes"

i actually thought my pc wasnt working right
a dont like this new type :x

tis a sad day

the new site is awful! i can't believe they just changed it like that, its the users who make this site what it is and bring all the deals here so surely they should have had a say on whether it changed?! why make a simple to use great website into this difficult to navigate horrible thing?!!

Its a shame aswell because even with all the pressure from us members to revert back, i cant see Admin going back on it. Maybe somebody should make a breakaway website for the users who liked the old design, a FC United of the internet lol.

I can see myself giving up with this site real soon :-(
Its awful. I have tried to get used to it, but its so frustrating. Its not easy to see the posts youve already looked at. Its not easy to access the last post in a thread. You have to plough through loads of 'rubbish' to even find a deal. No A-z. Awful.

Totally agree with everything mentioned. Whoever decided to make such a drastic change to the site in one step is an absolute idiot (seriously). By all means, make small changes to the site over a number of months if you have to, but the really depressing thing is that there was nothing wrong with the old site - it was always quick, stable, and super-easy to navigate, in fact it was a joy to use and I was able to find the best deals in literally seconds.

Christmas is no doubt the busiest time for Hotukdeals due to everyone searching for the best deal on presents, so they honestly couldn't have picked a worse time to ruin the site. I honestly wonder about some peoples intelligence... such a shame.

The new tagline for HUKD is "Deal anarchy from the masses". It's not necessarily a permanent tagline but it's something we threw in there for now. We think HUKD disrupts traditional marketing messages and offers a disruptive network where individuals have the freedom to recommend genuine bargains and deals to other individuals.

HUKD disrupts my traditional deal hunting and certainly is a disruptive network !!! i hope all the white is something else you've 'thrown in for now'. i know im being harsh but it's the users who drive this site and seems like most are now alienated, we didnt even get any warning of this. its totally the wrong time to do it even if it was perfect (which it certainly isnt). the admins timing to do this seems to be bordering on sheer arrogance. in the mean time i will satisfy myself with the 'custom' tab and pray they bring back temp bars to the view very soon !!


If you want to see the newest hot deals then click Hot, this is the … If you want to see the newest hot deals then click Hot, this is the default view.

And if you want to see all deals posted without the chat/forum/bring and buy posts?
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