Hi mizfiesta. Just a suggestion - perhaps try changing your email address and see if they work to the new provider?

This would rule out any block on behalf of the email provider. E.g. they may have thought HUKD was spamming you

For example, if you're currently using a yahoo address, try it out with a free gmail one. Let us know how you get on please.

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[COLOR="Magenta"]Hi there, thanks for your response. I have registered with my hotmail addy and I'll see if it works - fingers crossed. I received an alert from admin at HUKD to let me know there had been a reply to my query, yet I'm not getting my deal alerts. Strange. I'll let you know if I receive any on my new address.[/COLOR] :thumbsup:

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[COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="4"]Still no luck receiving email alerts and that's with me registering with my hotmail account addy instead of my current AOL addy. I'm completely flummoxed! [/SIZE][/COLOR]:?

When you changed it to the hotmail one, did you receive the confirmation email from HUKD? (As you're back to the AOL one now, I have no way to check)

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[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="3"]Yea I received a confirmation email and the activation link etc[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="3"]This is Mizfiesta the poster from this thread. This is the membership I've got through my hotmail address[/SIZE][/COLOR].

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[COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="4"]Sorry I only created another account to see if I would get email notifications![/SIZE][/COLOR] :oops:
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