to be honest I think it would get messy really fast...

combined with the poor search function would be a bit of a nightmare


Agree with ODB_69. Things would get posted wrongly & where a deal was, for example, posted as instore offer & then found to be online as well (which happens quite often) it would then need to be transferred to a 3rd combined instore+online section by MODs. Also problems if a combined offer went out of stock online but was still available instore. Impossible to track them all & sections would become inaccurate with time.

An instore indicator was mentioned before & that would be more workable as you actually post this info when you're entering a deal so just a case of transferring that to a specific display field. But even that probably won't get done.


EDIT : Laffy42's excellent instore / online indicator suggestion (+ hotscot's icons) > ]http//ww…298 :thumbsup:
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