The deal was expired early on and heat means nothing a deals a deal. Pointless moaning about something without looking at it probably. Dozens of deals get really hot each week, but they don't last that long, stock wise.

its not valid imho-every deal should be read and viewed on its own merit-people who are just logging in for the hottest of the day are missing out.

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but surely thats what the sites about and the hottest should be the one not to be missed not just because people like it, or find it amusing.

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no thats what im trying to get across the nintendo deal eveyone knows they cost over £150 so to get it for £40 even if i didnt want one ill still buy one its a deal you cant miss.

Although there have been many threads on this subject, I think that it is worth another 'think' in view of the site changes.

Admin has said that the votes reflect the opinions of the members of HUKD and I guess you cannot really argue with that, plus from the click-throughs point of view, HUKD will have more, maybe - when the hot deals do reflect those wants/don't wants. (But the number of clicks to other retailers will be less?? Who knows?)

The downside is that there have got to be many, many members, who perhaps are not on here so much who miss out on what are really good deals for them. My reasoning is that those deals are often voted cold by those who don't want the product, even if it is a brill deal and that not so many members are interested in those products, to increase the heat. Those deals then slip fast into oblivion.

I have never really understood why the site is so set on the heat thingy, except for the click-throughs. People get really worked up about the heat of their deals, especially when they are new members and IMO it detracts from the community feel of the rest of HUKD.

Badges!!! ???

I cannot see why the temp thing should not be abandoned, full stop, and the deals simply listed and discussed, but that would require a return to more retailer based posts rather than item based threads - 20 offers at Retailer X - so that it is possible to scroll through the daily deals without having to stop for refreshments (tea and scones maybe).

I am pretty much agreeing with you Phil , re voting. As you can see from my voting badge - more than 500 but less than 1K in over 3 years.

Just some thoughts, which I don't hold very strongly.:D
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But that deal was so obviously a miss price.Some have had their order … But that deal was so obviously a miss price.Some have had their order honoured.Doesn't happen very often.

True. Lots of mis-price deals get red hot and then no-one gets anything!

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yes but that deal was honoured and im sure people would still give anydeal thats a misprice a go if its cheap enough whether they get it or not its always worth a try.

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maybe they should have an expired deal page to vote hot or not


I rarely take any notice of the temperature of a deal.....i form my own opinion if it's any good to me.

If people just see it all as a competition to get a hot deal then it defeats the purpose of what the site was about in the first place.
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