Did you do a search first ?

don't see why not...although some of the stuff DX sell isn't exactly top notch quality and returning it can often be more expensive than the item!

loads of DX posts are on hukd. go for it!


Did you do a search first ?

^ ditto. If you did a search you would have seen that deals at dealextreme are posted all the time.

It's one of the few foreign sellers allowed on hukd.

dealextreme are either great or very poor.

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Okay thanks guys.


dealextreme are either great or very poor.

not to mention some of the things may actually be illegal in this country! Like the lighter with the flick knife, or the mobile phone jammer (which I cant say works a treat because using one would be illegal, and I dont do stuff like that! So I wouldnt know! Honest!)
Items have all come through well packaged if a little slow, but things on there cost the kind of prices, we end up with in pocket shrapnel over a week!

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