why shouldnt it
its a link isnt it?

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why shouldnt itits a link isnt it?

Obviously a link takes you somewhere, but should it be there as it takes you to the same place...:? I know what im on about! lol :thumbsup:

Its a link to the sub forums - which gets rid of all the people online. If you click that link you will notice it says something like

Hot deals - Deals and freebies >

Whereas if you click hot deals the sub forums still appers on the bar so will say

Hot deals > Delas and freebies > Hot deals

get me?

Short answer = yes its ment to be there

It's written into the forum software.

As the forum is not split up, it will look the same - with many forums they are split over different subforums which would mean clicking that link showed that particular area of the forum.

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