No there isnt art the moment, you can only search buy merchant, or new/hottest/discussed

It'll be back at some point. Hopefully more effective than the old one.

What puerile reply.

Here we are busting our guts to get everything ordered for Christmas 2007 and the VOUCHERS part of the web site will be back sometime in the future. You really do NOT give a monkeys for the members and/or site users do you.

Mind you its what we've come to expect from this site and its owners.

I'll cross the road to avoid click through using a HUKD link now and then where's the smile going to be? On the other side of your faces I'll bet. Redundancy awaits :whistling:

Yes, I'm only checking in once in a while to see if the old site is back, until it is then I've not even bothered trying to find stuff - too much is broken. Hope it will be fixed but time is running out.

nickmoul, you can still find all the vouchers. enter the merchant name in the search box and then filter by Vouchers in the results area. That'll do you for now but will have a quick search box out asap.

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Thanks for the replys, i'll have a wee fiddle around, I feel that it is quite "busy" to look at, but as you all know i like simple things coz i'm thick xx lol x
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