If you use Advanced then yes you can sort them. The general Search doesn't have an option on that currently - it sorts them by relevance.

that would be really helpful for me cos sometimes i think i want to buy 'X' and if i search for that it will come back with the most relevant things, but could be mainly topics from over a year ago where 'X' was mentioned a lot and may not return fresh results. Having to do an advanced search to find this info seems odd as i don't really know why anyone else would want to search for something if they werent looking for the very latest deal for that something ??

It sort of swings and roundabouts which is why we need to put an option in. Sometimes if you are looking for something with multiple search terms you would want relevance - if it's just purely a one word product and you want to see the newest deal you would probably want time posted... or possibly temperature?

On a site like this I would have thought that logically the most 'relevant' would be those with the newest posts sorted by time, considering offers are pretty much time limited. I see no real value in getting a list of topics from 4 months or even a year ago appearing at the top of the search results.

Also Paul, OT, but any plans to implement user selectable skins on here? There have been a LOT of complaints about the brightness of the place so that would go a long way to alleviate some of the tension imho.

Hey Shengis, there's a more and more other information too though like on merchant feedback or help on various problems. I think the best would be some way to sort them in the quick search though without going to Advanced yeah.

We are working on some colour and shading so hopefully that will reduce some of the brightness you mention.
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