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All voucher information from magazines/newspapers, have previously been posted in the Freebies forum. If you want to post there for the time being, stating magazine, shop, and voucher details, that'll be fine.

I'll look for an example thread for you. There haven't been many posted for a while, so it'll be good to have some here again.

MissPiggy used to keep an extensive list, here's an example:

Money off Coupons in Magazines/Papers thread

It's probably a good idea to start a new thread for updated vouchers and keep the title above.

That would be great lydiabcde if you want to start some threads like that, we haven't had any for a while as MissPiggy used to do an excellent job on them but since she's been gone no one has picked it up again.


I'll start the thread off now, i've got a few i can post .

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Thanks! I knew this was a good website to join! I love a bargain and will definitely but back to get some tips and share anything I find out!



Glad you've joined us here at HUKD's Lydia, it will take a while for the thread to get up and running properly but i think its a great idea!
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