I'll try a test one...

No problem here. What were you trying to post?

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When I click on New Topic in the ]Hot Deals forum the Submit Deal page is just empty.

At the bottom of the page it says:

"Warning: This is a community site, it is not for merchants! Self-promotion or referral links are not allowed. If you are a merchant and want to notify us of a deal please ]Contact Us."

The gray bars are there like they would be normally to select the type of deal, but there is no images or anything where they would normally be.

I'm using Mozilla Firefox by the way.


okay I'll try it in Firefox and from the forum link.

yeah :roll: Definitely a problem there! Thanks X10 for pointing it out...

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This is what it looks like:

I didn't have a problem yesterday.


Snap lol

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But yes, that's the issue.
What browser are you using rayman, IE?

IE from the front page was okay. Same as you for the error above in Firefox.


IE forum submit button gives the above too...

Someone will be on it soon as...

Fixed. Sorry about that! Those images didn't have .gif on the end of the link and a recent change we made on the server made it more strict about that.

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That might explain why I've had to log in several times today.

Yup it's why there was some problems this morning with logging in. We have a temporary patch on but should be totally fixed soon. All in the name of performance I can assure you
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