only problem is that it would take long for deals to become very hot.

imo people abuse the system to their own ends. So someone who wanted to 'cold' a 'hot' could really simply pluck anything out of the air and use it such as 'can get for same price elsewhere' or ' better spec for same price exists' or ' was £20 cheaper two weeks ago'...they could come out with all kinds of vaguaries. If you want to push people for specifics to prove their point then i think people will not bother. If I had to validify my heat with proof, web links etc I doubt I'd bother..lots of hassle and i' m not coordinated enough to have a list of Sellers prices dates and URLs to hand...like a lot of people I'd guess.

This possible solution has been proposed multiple times in the past, there are plenty of threads about this already.


Yeah, if you must declare why you voted cold then why not also hot?

ive spammed this as its already been suggested 1000000000000000000000000times before

I'm not convinced it's a good idea.


I vote this thread cold

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Fair enough :-) A few good points raised.
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