Mery Christmas and Happy New Year to you too

I think Admin will order the vouchers directly from Amazon and they'll arrive by e-mail as an e-voucher. As there was more than one competition, they'll probably be ordered in a batch.

I'm sure you won't be forgotten

Hi there, do you have a better idea when the vouchers from Amazon might be arriving? I'm leaving the country for good in a month's time and would really like to order some stuff with the ones I won.. Sorry if it's sounds a little pushy

[SIZE=2]This thread is from last year [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]But Admin has sorted them out and they should arrive directly from Amazon as far as I know, just the same as the previous year's ;-)[/SIZE]

Haha... Recurring question I guess =P Thanks, will look out for them!

Should be sent month's end so in the next day or two. Thanks for hanging in there
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