all i do is put a reply in the thread and when i want to come back to it ill just use the search and use my username

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ah hah! v. canny. thanks

if you click 'thread tools' at the top of this thread you can select 'subscribe to this thread' and choose to get emails on it. Or, just reply to the thread and you will see it in the control panel


i think another suggestion was to add a tag to it

Adding a tag will bring up any other post that's associated with that particular tag. Such as "Jacket", all posts with Jacket in the tag bar would show up and you would have to search through all of those for the right one.

But if you tagged it with your username, then yo could tag all posts that you liked and bookmark the page.

Only thing with that is, if the amount of members who put their user name in are many, it would stretch out the tag line into next year
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