I don't think there have been an overwhelming amount of offers posted, when you consider the total amount of threads on here. If you're thinking of the shoe thread today - it was started with no mention of code, just thatthe Vans shoes were half price, and already a bargin, even without the use of codes.

I think as some of these things are great deals and should be highlighted in a thread of their own... but a disclaimer should be made in the OP about the use of codes.

I've never had a problem with the La Redoute codes, and I know some others are in the same boat.

This is just my personal opinion by the way, and it's not the views of HUKD, just contributing to the discussion.

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Hadnt even seen todays thread, just the others that have been posted. Most of them are for items which arent good unless the code works, and are posted with the code

Just think it would be better if people posted products like that on one of the threads already created with that code

Thanks for replying

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Be careful, I havent had a problem with them in the past but EVERYONE seems to be having a problem at the moment.

I think they are wising up about the codes and they may be stopped soon (and dont seem to work already)

The sister site verdabaudet have changed how the codes work and who they work for, so I think they are doing the same

I agree the La Redoute moans are overwhelming. Although the uproar is justified given what the jokers there are up to, there is a limit to how many more La Redoute items for £1 we want to read about. They should all be merged into one thread, entitled 'La Redoute & codes'

2 weeks later no socks wow what a company! :?

'sir when you placed your order they were sold out as we never had them in stock' that was what i was told about the stan smiths. the worst company ever never going to shop from them. bloody waste of time
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