Didn't even know I had one,let alone find your missing one!:giggle:

Doh....found it now!!

Despite never being used it is full working order

is that the same as the veiw first read one or have I missed somthing eles thats really simple and obvious?

I'm using the latest FF, Nothing missing here!

I presumed fox meant the "Go to last page" button.

Are you sure there is more than 1 page? if not, it won't appear :thumbsup:

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works in IE :thinking: shall give it a go in the morning:-(

Sorry, Sort of cross posting between 2 threads with this but I have this at the bottom of the thread :http://img356.imageshack.us/img356/9480/forumlastpagebz0.png

No last page button there (and i've never seen one), But i do have a last page button on the main forum page for all threads!

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I presumed fox meant the "Go to last page" button.

sorry should have said, the last post button under the name of the poster in the last post column :thumbsup:

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Okay I've got my buttons back this morning

Didn't notice it before!, I've got my last page button back aswell!


me too got my buttons back this morning:-D

wonder why they went missing:oops: : :roll: :?
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