directly above your name in profile is the "activity" tab-next to that is the fs/ft tab

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The only tabs i've got are

Active Deals
Subscribed Threads
Foillowing Users

Am i looking in the right section??


The only tabs i've got areActive DealsSubscribed ThreadsFoillowing … The only tabs i've got areActive DealsSubscribed ThreadsFoillowing UsersAm i looking in the right section??

those are the tabs BELOW your username-look above it

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Unless i'm going blind all i have above my user name is the SUBMIT tab to the far left and the twiiter/facebook and customise deals/alerts bit to the far right.

There is absolutely nothing inbetween.

above your avatar in your profile you have a "submit" tab? its in that line of tabs to the right

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The Submit tab above my avatar is the only tab i've got.

Can MODS look at my profile page just to make sure i'm not going mad.

Thanks for your help barky.




notts6501's, if you could click the above thread link and then do a screen print of what tabs are displayed (if it's not the same as the image above) and also let us know which browser & OS you are currently using we can investigate further, thanks again

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Hi Sigma,

The linked worked great thanks. But i don't have the activity / for sale/trade / tabs.

I've got the submit one but then just the long grey bar. I'm using windows vista and IE


Reported to the development team now for review, thanks notts6501

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Thanks Sigma.


Working for me now

i have the same problem under ie7 i can't see the tabs, but fine under firefox

Sagor can you please post a screen shot with the tabs missing please? Also what size monitor are you using?

seems to be ok now, maybe it is my workplace who are stopping scripts running or something, i will post a screenshot, but will have to be on thursday


@Sagor - we are looking into what is causing this problem for you.

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Any update with mine. Tabs still not showing.

tabs still not showing on mine either

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Thank you.


same here, all looks fine now.
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