have reported this for a move to feedback as sometimes they will look at a retailer to approve (or remove)
dont think there is much difference to any of them other than the feedback via this site tbh
edit: though ofc sometimes feedback is a bit of a dead zone

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There was a time when we'd not allow any non-UK merchants but following member feedback some were introduced and then over time the list has expanded.

If we're receiving many requests for a particular merchant we'd then look to review them and see how they go. We've done this for Aliexpress, SCDKEY, Gearbest etc.

From memory yours is the only genuine request for this merchant to be added and they've definitely received nowhere near the amount of requests the merchants i've listed above have. So right now we'll not be adding this merchant to HUKD. If that changes i'll update this thread and alert you at the same time.

interesting, I've seen a few post for lightinthebox over the last couple of months!


Hi - the merchant is currently under review for listing on HUKD. So in the meantime no posts can be made for them.

Sorry, commenting is no longer available on this feedback.