There's a quick way round that problem when clicking links on the Deals page. If you right click your mouse button with the pointer hovering over the link, you can choose "Open in new window" option from the drop down menu [Windows all versions, IE, FireFox].

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I know that, but new visitors may not. Also, it's a second quicker. I know that it's trivial once again, but it may only take a couple of seconds for Admin to make it put put "target=_blank" or whatever you need to put, I can't remember. LOL. It does it on the forums. By the way, this Quick Reply thing really helps, he he.

I agree it would be better, but Admin is busy [as you know] so for the short term solution is why I suggested it [for people that might not know too ;)].

Yup I think I'll start doing that duckmagicuk2...you mean the links in the "Where:" part right?
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