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For anyone with the issue of getting logged out when trying to stay logged into two places at once, can I please have the following information, browsers you are using, devices you are using (computer, phone, ipad), is the 'keep me logged in' checkbox checked when you click login. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

When I login on my iPhone ,then login on my computer. Then come back on iPhone...it's logged off

I mentioned this (most recently) yesterday in the now closed "Bugs/Glitches" thread (see comment #845).

Again, today, I was logged-in on my personal laptop (Mozilla Firefox 3.6.12/Windows 7), & used an Internet Explorer 7.x (Windows Vista) based laptop this morning elsewhere.

Upon returning to my own machine again I found myself logged-out.



[EDIT]: Added operating systems used &, yes, the "keep me logged in" check-box was set to retain my log-in details. [/EDIT]
[EDIT #2]: Supplemental: I cleared the web browser cache in the MS-IE 7.x environment without logging out first; but did not return to the HotUKDeals.com domain thereafter [/EDIT]

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Yep won't let me do this on any of the above nor on a HTC based browser.

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When logging onto your phone, are you certain that the 'remember me' checkbox is clicked. If you log in anywhere any that check box isn't clicked you will be logged out of any other locations.

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@fanpages, that sounds like a good idea to me.
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