Hi Hixley,

All things considered this may not be the best timing?

Is this not the same model your brother listed as a "misprice" at £350 down from £1100?

In any case - it is probably easiest to use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page if you want to contact us directly with offers.

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I believe it is. As it was taken off pretty instantly from what he said it seems that no one saw it anyway. But now its all done appropriately could you please consider it. We are only a young company comprised of undergrades and graduates so any help is welcome and this is a genuine offer as we are selling these at a partial loss to generate some interest.

could you explain a little about "not best timming"?

thank you.


can you confirm that i can post a deal regarding a HD projector that was recently taken off. Was from my brother. I dont know why he did that.

I found out why: :thumbsup:

but i really do think he has mispriced it stupid idiot!

and as to the reason he didn't tell you:

cos he is away for the weekend and i do not have access to his database

Do you get on with your brother? :thinking:

even if its not allowed as a deal, im sure the op is pleased to have the link here, a few will no doubt click on it :?

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Yeh im back now so he told me. i wish he had not done that. But he thought i had mispriced it due to the fact that, that perticular projector is the best one of the collection and its the cheapest. He was just trying to help us out but went about it wrong. People in our universities use hotdeals uk alot so they might actually genuinely post it and it'll get taken down. No one wins really. we cant offer a deal no one can post one about us. Its difficult.

You've been told... send deals to us via the contact us link and if we think they're up-to-scratch then they will be posted:


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sorry. didnt mean to offend. I shall pop a message accross.

Thank you

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i have done it. Is it possible to know why is will not be put up, like some feedback so we know what to submit in future?


I'm sure that someone will pick it up there and get back to you.

you should really stick to ebay mate, especially if your site is going to look the same quality as your chinese products.

Bit of constructive critisism

We are selling these below cost to get ebay feedback to launch our the … We are selling these below cost to get ebay feedback to launch our the ebay side to our website

Everyone has got to start somewhere on ebay haven't they? lol.

using lol wouldn't give me confidence in a seller

and copyrighting images that are from a dodgy chinese site?


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What i said before was.

I agree with comment regarding "lol" on the ebay auctions. We decided to take it off previous to the comment for our future listings. We are comprised of university students and one of our key aims is to be informal and on a level with customers because we believe in that angle and our business is geared towards that. Talking normally without business fomralities is key for us. I appreciate the comments bazzaric and thankyou for taking the time to give some feedback.

Take care

The hixley team

Theres a difference between being informal and on a customers level Hixley. A good sales person is formal and also on the customers level and thats the kind of person I tend to trust more when I buy things.

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Thats fair enough. Thank you for the feedback
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