i will unplug my phone lol oh well it is the risk you take i suppose i hope i get away with it though

so where did we get it from ? any 1 know incase they ring me

Perfectly plausible that you would have received it from a friend who you don't want to give the name of to them.

To be honest, I doubt it will be long before they find this place if they haven't already.


I used a code with Lx direct to buy a fridge, they delivered the fridge and then rang me to tell me i was not entitled to the discount (council workers discount) as i was not listed as a council worker. I told them that the fridge was bought by my brother who does work for the council. I was told that unless he was registered at my address tough luck.
Now i leave things unopened until i get my bill!?!:x

If they don't know about this site then they are more inept than I thought! If you google 'littlewoods codes', this site comes out 4th.
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