The first rule of fight club... is that the criteria is a secret *.

If the criteria was known then it would be easy to set-up a site in order to scam members.

[* Probably because nobody knows, & it is just guesswork]

The company have to be on the "HUKD approved list " As I understand it that can be achieved by having a certain amount of feedback through Amazon or EBay sales . If they don't sell through these mediums I would suggest they should get in contact with HUKD to be put on the "approved " list .

What is this mysterious merchant? Surely you could link to them here and we can make up our own minds. It would juat be a recommendation rather than a direct promotion of them.

After all we all like a good deal!

If you click on either of the links in the original thread various businesses come up, including selling gold
Happy New Year

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@krlbird sure, they're an eliquid company:
The company which set them up (and which appears on my receipts) is:

@Jane I don't know what two links you found and what 'original thread' you've been looking at but my post in September was removed and is no longer there to look at. It only linked to lickwid.co.uk
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