I can imagine it'd use a lot of resources so would be very costly, but it's certainly a good idea.

I've no idea how this site is really funded, possibly by affiliate links, but the Admin always seems keen to encourage users to use Quidco anyway, so I'm not sure how they'd fund a system like this, especially with the text message idea.

Text messages would be good, but they DO cost, and someone has to write the script.

The email idea might work though, but it's easier to use the RSS (if it's still available).

RSS is available. I suppose the link should be made more obvious. It's at [url]www.hotukdeals.com/tag/backend.php[/url] for anyone reading this.

I think the idea is very good tanned_adonis. The idea has been bounced around in the past so maybe it is time to really get on it and figure out what it would take to make it happen.

blizeH - Yup you're correct, HUKD makes money through the affiliate links.

You'd have to buy text bundles or something though if you were doing text messages. How would that work?

I wasn't thinking of texts but of email alerts. SMS is a whole other issue...

Is there any way to get an similar RSS feed for new posts on the 'hot deals' forum, just to see the news that bit quicker ;-)

Is there the ability to get email alerts for latest posts .... especially with time sensative things such as mispriced items or limited time deals "today only for example ..."


I'm already using an rss -> email converter myself to get posts about new deals - I guess I could route this into a mailing list people could join.

What would the admins think about this?

Is it ad-free etc.? Just the pure RSS converted to email?


It's a bit over talkative sometimes (sends emails about offers that have just changed slightly). I'd only see it as a stop-gap until something properly integrated with the site can be done - and hopefully wouldn't be over popular or I'll run out of bandwidth /processor power :-)


RSS is available. I suppose the link should be made more obvious. It's at … RSS is available. I suppose the link should be made more obvious. It's at [url]www.hotukdeals.com/tag/backend.php[/url] for anyone reading this....

Thanks for the link for RSS

Delighted to discover there's an RSS feed available; the email alerts were great for a while, but are becoming a little overwhelming.

Can I suggest you make more of it? For example, if you include this line of code in the area of the homepage, many programs will automatically recognise there's an RSS feed available.

A little orange icon on the homepage wouldn't go amiss either. You could use the widely-recognised rectangle with RSS (or often XML) written in it; or go cutting-edge and use the new industry-standard square logo, as seen already in Firefox and soon to be seen in Internet Explorer. Hi-res versions available at [url]www.feedicons.com[/url]

I'll take a look at that SimonD! I know this sounds horrible, but the reason I hesitate to make it more available is that we have had a few occassions of people stealing the feed and using it to autopublish to their own sites/blogs but replacing affiliate links. Do you have any thoughts on that? Or is one of the dangers I have to accept
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