LOL. That's not up to me, it's Admin's site. It would make me a very busy man though. I'd rather keep it how it is to be honest. I'm currently trying to find as much time as possible to get my "Free Phone and 12 month contract" thread complete, but there were 4 new offers this week which I needed to post, and there's the newsletter to do tonight. I'll get it done over the weekend.

But yeah, as far as new forums are concerned, that's Admin's job. I'm just a very active forummer!!

Yeah keep your eye on duckmagickuk2's mobile phone threads in the Hot Deals section.

The only duck I know of that hunts! hehe

The only duck I know of that hunts! hehe

Was that a joke?? If it was, you just killed it, LOL. Thanks for directing everyone to my half-finished thread Rayman!! Only joking, it should be done over the weekend.
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