What happened is someone posted a new thread about it so I locked it and pointed them to the old one instead, then Rayman decided it'd be better to merge the threads so in merging it may have locked the whole thing.

Unlocked now for the posting!!


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Hehe, Thanks again Ducky :thumbsup: :-D

Hmm... It wasn't locked when I merged it ducky as edi posted in leonie_2k5's thread

Mods can post in locked threads.

I know that ducky :roll:

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Sorry, If I've 'started' something guys.:(

lol, it's okay.

No not at all

[SIZE=2]I know im 4 days late but.... Fight!! Fight!!! lol[/SIZE]

If anyone touches Ducky I'll report them to the RSPB...

drum roll
[SIZE=2]and I'll call the flying squad[/SIZE]

I think its too late, looks like rayman has got the "boys" out...


Run ducky, run!! oh hang on i mean fly!
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