Also here: ]http//ww…358

Hope that helps

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Well, I have to say that the mods do a great job of cleaning up and general editing, so it seems churlish to wonder about things like this. I guess the deal isn't what the subject appears to say, it'd be nice to know though

Thanks in general, love the forum, pity it costs me so much in buying things I didn't know I needed!

you can find the deal somewhere on this site: ]phoneboxdirect.co.uk

but that user posted the link 3 times with his referral so he can earn some money

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Ahh, thanks steffcip... Vodafone only for that particulary one, but nice to see that some sellers are looking into the option of straight bribing people with their payments

As I hate it when I find dead ends, thought I'd finish up this thread with the answer I was looking for in the first place...

For anyone interested, a few phones down on ]http//ww…asp is a picture of a red SIM card. You get an XBox 360 (core), IPod Shuffle on Vodafone anytime 200 for a year @ £30/month. Also, £30 via quidco. Not bad if you're out of contract and going to have that kinda deal anyway.

glad you found it... sorry that isn't the hot deal you are looking for...

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Duckie put it into the main forum, certainly looks like a popular one
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