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There is a pretty significant problem with HotUKDeals classifieds area, the moderators.

Certain “problems” are approached with gusto, almost military precision which would suggest a well oil machine. These includes:

- Over bumping of threads
- Request for pictures or receipts
- Profiteers on items purchased for less than being sold
- Circumvention of the swear word filter

While it’s admirable that moderators rightly address these issues in a timely manner, it’s somewhat depressing that the most important aspect (or at least, you’d assume so) is giving less prominence.. Infact, it’s close to none at all.

When a trade goes wrong, or two parties are unable to amicably agree a resolution to the situation. A moderators response is somewhat... Useless..

Below is an example of this, with a quote from AScottishBloke:


You should resolve this between yourselves and leave appropriate feedback.

It took a rather long and protacted thread posted in the misc, by the OP, for said moderator to finally take the action expected of him.

There are many reputable “Trading Forums”, they all apply the same kind of rule structure.. Get the correct details, offers agreed must be concluded.. All that guff.

A Moderator will typically make a ruling on a situation which can’t be resolved between the two parties in a sensible and mature manner, using the rules as a basis to reach any conclusion. Each member will be informed of their obligation to follow these guideless, as they have agreed to the terms and rules imposed by the website when listing.

If either party refuses to comply, they will also be informed of the possible consequences of not doing so. This could include a complete ban from the website, varying depending on the severity of the situation.

None of this occurs on HotUKDeals…. Which is in stark contrast to all other websites which provide a classifieds area.

It is no excuse to say “Everyone is an adult here, they should sort it out themselves, it’s not a moderators job to do this”.. It’s shown that the consequences of a possible ban from trading, will often lead to compliance of the rules by each member. Equally, a ruling is often needed when an amicable agreement cannot be reached by two rather angry and distraught people. This is why all other classifieds forums tend to take the appropriated action, since it is very much considered a duty of care to their community and members.

I myself have been victim of the same poor Moderation, it took a good 3-4 weeks (After numerous complaints of no action by the moderators) when a member stole £10-£30 (Cant recall exact amount, was over year ago) from me. Yes, eventually he was banned, but I had to message Moderators personally and the site Administrator on multiple occasions in order for this to happen.

My suggestion is, a sub forum for “Disputes”, run very much in the way other classifieds forums do. Posts which have reached an impasse are moved there, where a Moderator will collect the request details and upon inspection of those make a ruling based on the site trading rules.

Either that, or the Moderators do this actively on the thread while still within the for sale area. Unfortunately, this can result in other posts being unfairly bumped down the list while a problem is being resolved.

In all, I’d just like you to do a better job. Look after you members and offer them the same courtesy that it seems all other reputable sites do.

On a personal note, I do find it quite disgusting that you view such matters with such low importance. In relation to the quick and affective way you apply yourselves to incidents of less significance.
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