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Infraction Tiers, Suspensions and Bans:

Our moderators will only ever issue infractions for serious / malicious actions, repeated offences or blatant breaches of the points mentioned above. Infractions should not be viewed as a punishment, but as a reminder to be courteous to fellow community members at all times.

A warning may be issued primarily. After this time, if the member breaches the rules again then they may be issued with an infraction.

All infractions are active for thirty days, if a two point infraction is received before the previous one has expired, it will increase by two points each time and will accumulate.

2 points = a one day suspension
4 points = a three day suspension
6 points = a five day suspension
8 points = a two week suspension
10 points = a one month suspension
12 points = a full site ban or suspension

If a one or two point infraction is given at any time after all other infractions have expired, the sequence begins again at zero.

The most serious breaches of site rules may result in us issuing a permanent ban without prior warning.

If you disagree with an infraction you've received, please contact us as soon as possible :


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