Sounds like fighting talk!

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it is just a pain in the **** when you have something you feel is good to share, gets pulled... It was only a karaoke system but hey!

Who can post deals on HotUKDeals?

This website is for people who want to share good deals with others, and for our community to ask and share advice. Anyone can post a deal here as long as they're not an advertiser or merchant: HotUKDeals is not a promotional tool for businesses to abuse and anyone found posting items for the purposes of personal gain, or promoting products or companies to whom they are connected will be banned from the site. Frequent self promotion will result in the merchant involved being suspended. We may occasionally remove deals if we feel the merchant in question does not have adequate contact and/or registration details. Generally speaking we only allow UK based companies (allowances on non-UK sites will always be made for merchants who have a strong reputation with our members) and we need to check out a few things such as company accounts, reviews elsewhere and trading status before adding merchants to our database. We'll use who-is to ensure the company in question is registered as a business and we'll check the history of the company via Companies House. We'll also look into feedback on marketplace sites.

What kind of deals can I post here?

Any deals can be posted, but the site is all about the hottest deals available in the UK, so run a price comparison check before posting and ensure its not been posted within the last 4 weeks or itll be deleted as a duplicate post.

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i think i complied with all of those points

Essentially if a retailer is not a member of an affiliate network, your deal will disappear in a matter of minutes. Running a site like this isn't cheap so revenue has to come from somewhere.


Not at all. There are thousands of merchants on our merchant list and many of them are not on an affiliate network. By that logic we'd also ban all offline deals. So its simply not true

Your thread was removed as the merchant isn't currently on our list of merchants. If that happens and you believe the wrong decision has been made you need to drop the team an email and it'll be reviewed again.

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