wtf happened at 11pm to make that happen???

Did MSE or a big site link to HUKD?

That was a complete stop Nearly 3000 no wonder!

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Apparently there was a radio broadcast and HUKD was mentioned on air (couple of stations) due to the threshers wine place i think

Yeah it was, there's another thread about it in Miscellaneous

HUKD is a funny place, I always try to encourage new people to participate but admittedly I found it quite daunting when I first joined. Once you are seemingly noticed by either a moderator or highly rep'd member though it's far easier to participate in all sorts of discussions. I can bearly tear myself away these days

2877!!!!!!!!! Arggggg! Amazing!

Don't know if anyone else is interested, but this is the HUKD traffic rankings for the last 6 months. Look at the last wee while!!

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