Yes use the contact us button at the bottom of the main page.

Reported for assistance.

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Reported for assistance.

Thank you

Had the same problem but got nowhere. Reported it to the mods about 5 times and my son is still banned. he's 18 and unfortunately still lives at home.


Family groups need pre-approval so we can note the connection & that they are individuals on a shared IP rather than one personal with multiple ids. However only one person from the group is allowed to post in the FS/T Forum (currently all 3 were). That rule is very specific & must be adhered to if the ids are approved by Admin.

If you could get in touch via the main ']Contact Us' link & explain which ids are connected & any other relevant information they can review from there.

For further information from the] HUKD Code of Conduct :

I. User Names and Avatars:Behind every participating user name is a real … I. User Names and Avatars:Behind every participating user name is a real person, please respect their orientation in life and opinions at all times.* Choose a user name and avatar that is inoffensive. If a user name or avatar is found to be offensive it will be removed without warning.* Members selecting a name to impersonate another user will receive a permanent ban without warning.[COLOR="DarkRed"]* Please note that only one connected person/user name is permitted to use the FS/FT forum.[/COLOR][COLOR="DarkRed"]* Members creating multiple user names without a prior agreement with Admin or Moderators will be permanently banned from the site.[/COLOR]* Never post information considered as personal or private without the other member's consent.

Thanks again.

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Does this rule get enforced on competitions too? Seems people are getting triple the chance.
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