I agree with lumping together "50% off DVDs at..." if they're similar items or not much of a reduction compared to prices elsewhere, but I think that is someone such as Argos has a sale then individual posts aren't too bad. If the items are the cheapest available by far, then why does it matter who is selling them? Surely they're just handing us what we want, on a nice shiny platter? Just what I think, mind...

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I would agree that if the items are very different, as they could be at argos, then individual posts are actually more helpful. I'm thinking of the multiple games, DVD's & CD posters mostly.


Yes, it should be fine as you will have an "Up to 50% off sale" and some items in there are far reduced than others. I dont like looking through 1000+ items to find what is a bargain and what isnt.

I suppose it depends. If it's a 50% off sale, are the prices really hugely reduced compared to elsewhere? If the prices are only slightly cheaper, people are encouraged to post as one thread. If there's any stonking great bargains that should really be pointed out, then there needs to be a separate post. The problem is the definition of "stonking bargain".


Deals need to be posted individually as they are individual items. Otherwise we would end up with about a dozen deals a week as the next store has a sale. It's silly to have a seperate thread for every item on sale at "TopMan" for example; but when HMV have a sale on then I like to see individual items listed. I don't have to spend days rooting through the website and comparing prices


the other annoying thing (well for me anyway) on the same topic

is when people start posting individual deals with the 30 quid(add different amount here) off vouchers from certain retailers like littlewoods or whatever

man you could have the full littlewoods catalogue listed in here on different posts(example)

not just littlewoods many others
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