lol, great post john:thumbsup:

I couldn't agree with you more. It has been an ill times and badbly thought out timing to change to this format at this time of the year. People who 'generally' don't like change will think that any time is a bad idea, but I am all for embracing new changes and technology and so on.

Whoever stree tested this, and thought that having got it past the UAT stage (and so on) that NOW would be a GREAT time to release it to 'live' quite frankly clearly doesn't understand - nor care to think about
a) Usership
b) Client reaction
c) the fact that alot of 'hits' are not actually registered users

Got to agree, a lot of valid points. :thumbsup:

Understand the magnifying glass bit now after typing this

Quite agree with you too, better get myself a 37" Monitor then to try & read the text ... Sorry may be cheaper to just get that magnifying glass

Agree with all the other posters, this site is not as user-friendly as before, i knew where to find things & what was where ... Now I will probably be spending three times longer to find what i want

Agree with the point about change is not always for the better & i'm afraid that is the case with the NEW far less improved HUKD site


d) The 'speed' of the site by changing to this format - as in response and so on:thumbsup:
e0 The 'useability' of the site as in how easy is it to navigate, how easy is it to understand, how easy is it to find things, :xhow eay is it to obtain help, how easy is it to not only post items, but get around..... And so we can go on....

Clearly hasn't spent NEARLY enogh time, and must have been .......... to release this at this time of the year.:x

Not the cleverest idea with hindsight.....:oops:

That is NOT to say that this has anything to do with change - we can all accept change - but....


I have a HP 22" 1680x1050 monitor (a deal found by this very deal site!) and I've just had to hold CTRL + Scroll my mouse wheel down in Firefox to get to a decent text size to read this thread.

Utterly apalling web site design, not to mention service to users.

I couldn't even find the site at first thanks to the fact that my favourites linked to [url]www.hotukdeals.co.uk/main.html[/url] (the old frontpage). It's extremely short-sighted not to have set up a redirection straight away seeing as how a lot of people will have that as a link (fixed now, though slow).
As for the rest of it, it wasn't broke so why fix it? I welcome change, but I can't see how this is really any better.

AMEN johncas you hit the nail on the head!

Great thread, lots of fab points:thumbsup:

Have to agree, I'm not liking the new layout at all.
Used to come on here 2 or 3 times a day, and now I don't bother so much as it's unclear and not user friendly.

I've gotten used to the new site, and it's better than it was a week ago.

I just don't seem to find deals so easily now? Before, it was much easier and the deals just 'popped out' now their just lost in a forum mess.

Absolutely agree.

I'm particularly appalled with the attitude of certain people who become increasingly rude and aggressive towards those of us having a hard time with the new site. The 'like it or lump it' approach will rarely make anybody any friends.

I'm also starting to hear a lot of very unsavoury stories.

lol. I just wrote this in IRC to a friend minutes before seeing this thread
">urgh. they redesigned my favourite website and now I hate it!
> well, I still love it but I can't find all the stuff on it"
Still love the site content and ethos, but I can't find a thing on it and I'm sure thats not just about needing time to get used to it....the new design has killed off the forum aspect - where you could easily see threads and newest responses etc...
Thanks to the people who run the site for SUCH an excellent site as always but please rethink the design!

I totally agree. I told lots of friends about the old site, and they all loved it, easy to find everything. But they all struggle with the new site, so much so, we've all started to move over to moneysavingexpert forums now.

Please bring back the old site ASAP, before it's too late.


I agree, it's rubbish I can't be bothered to use or look at the site much anymore as I can't get used to it at all!

I just actually came to this section as I thought there must be other people who really hate this too, it is not very user friendly at all.

I just popped on to find a voucher code and it was just terrible!

Shame on you Hotukdeals... have you never heard the saying 'if it ain't broke don't fix it!' !?!?!

It WAS broke though. ;-)

Spot on John.

I still can't get used to the new site. The old one just had a far more inviting/easier/intuitive feel.
There are far less users here that I am familiar with than ever before. They've all migrated (and not just for the winter it seems).
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