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no u need to contact o2 direct (by letter or phone call or email) to cancel the contract otherwise it will remain active. just because the direct debit isnt active it wont stop them from keeping your contract active. once your total bill is cleared then you can cancel it safely. About the contracts it may just be an admin hiccup (although it should all be automated) emailing them about the problem should sort it out pretty soonish, you should only start worrying if your 12th month one doesnt arrive ! i stick a reminder in my phone 4 months on from the 8th month bill to remind myself, rather than rely on the phone company to do the counting ! and yes i think 11th month bill is when you can cancel your contract...but again, a quick email to o2 finding out when you can cancel should sort the problem out sharpish...they have a good online communication system....hope this helps...
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