If you have loads and loads of rep and posts, you can post what you like, although obviously its still checked out if its a new merch.

If you are a new user, with few posts, then expect to have your post removed until a merchant is deemed 'safe'

Its a good rule, it makes sense, and if you don't like it... well you could always go back to lurking.

In the meantime, ask a mod for clarfication via PM

edit: oh and ebay shops are a no-no. end of story

also sometimes depending the way the post is displayed it can look like you are selfpromoting i.e it's your web shop etc ......just a thought

What was the site?


Hi ]savvy-saver, this was explained to you in my pm. Firstly you were asked if you had any connection, a newish user posting for a new website.

In my next pm and I explained why I asked you and told you exactly why your thread would not be returned to the forum. I'm a bit confused as to why you felt you need to make a thread in feedback about it.

HUKD does not only allow the big retatailers like Asda etc, however we generally do not allow sites that are registered to sole traders / individuals, as some of the smaller retailers would be.

Original Poster

OK, not sure what pwned means. Yes, I posted this as I was not sure I'd get a reply but I did so no matter. I wanted to know what I could and what I could not post.

I didn't say it was an eBay store, I said people who have eBay stores also have sites away from eBay that are cheaper as they have no fees to pay and sell the same things. Does no-one look further than that? Ever? If I find a store on eBay I always check further afield because you usually find that something cheaper if they are a business. Or maybe I just have too much time on my hands.

The site was just some baby clothes and some tooth cushions when your kids teeth fall out you put them in the cushion for the tooth fairy. I suppose I could have been seen as self promoting but I can't check on the message to see if it looked like that. I did tell millarcat that I had nothing to do with the site bt then I suppose anyone can say that.

I did not want to go back to lurking, kind of was enjoying seeing the 'hot' things on the other posts I made, I started off answering some questions though as someone asked about a hotel and wanted to say a bit fat NO to the person who suggested the Travelodge and went from there really.

Just find it a tad sad really that with the economy is as it is that sites like this aren't interested in helping small businesses sell - as the site clearly was one of those. But I've now been told, or I think I've been told, that websites that are registered to a UK persons cannot be posted on here. So no small businesses are allowed to have anything promoted even if they are selling items cheaper than in the shops or other websites. How bizarre. I thought the point of this site was to find hotdeals? When is a deal a hot deal? When it is something available on the high street, supermarket Amazon or Play. I have to say that seems bit unfair and bizarre. Cheap is cheap as far as I am concerned. If it was something I wanted then I'd have not posted it until I got it but I've got no need for baby clothes so I thought I would.



Just find it a tad sad really that with the economy is as it is that … Just find it a tad sad really that with the economy is as it is that sites like this aren't interested in helping small businesses sell - as the site clearly was one of those.

Dude... wrong site. Sad as it may be that firms are going bust, this is a deal site, not a place to pity business! Shame my other post got deleted... it was hardly offensive.

The argument isn't whether something is a good deal or not but whether a company is a reputable company or not and the lean is rightfully to promote reputable companies and to warn of and then ignore the disreputable ones. Nobody legitimate on this site would like to recommend a site that was disreputable and ripped off the members. The rules are there to protect against this.

Original Poster

I wasn't pitying business, it was a deal - or so I thought. Cheaper than Tesco, Next and Asda so to me it was a deal, this is why I posted it. This is what I am confused about, but I've been told now I cannot do it is the site is registered to someone. Which has confused me all the more to be honest.

If you open your eyes further afield you'll find more bargains hidden on some sites cheaper than the deals that have been posted. I always Google even when I find a deal. I was saying it was a shame that we cannot post them on here if we find them and it hardly helps the smaller business stay in business if huge sites such as this ban people posting links for those items. I find that strange.

Still, I'll keep on shopping in my own little way and finding the bargains as I always did.

Mind you, some of the sites promoted offer a shameful service, Debenahms for example, I'll never use Debenhams online ever again, they charge what they like and refuse to give you your money back. And yet people still promote Debenhams.

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Thanks 4leafer, yes I understand that, but as I was saying, how do you know?

Talking of reputable, I bought something from Debenhams and they charged me a different, more expensive price than the sale item I had bought. Despite the lady on the phone saying she could see what I should have been charged she could not give me a refund as it was a different departgment who dealt with it and I could not speak to them. I had a 3 month fight to get my money back so maybe they should not be allowed on this site either.

I always think, if unsure pay by credit card and then you have that to fall back on if you get ripped off. Maybe I've been lucky, I've always used smaller sites and never been ripped off. Infact I called one last year and they gave me another 20% off as they were about to have a sale and they let me have it early. I guess I'll be more cautious when I get my fingers burned.


If a small site has 100+ positive feedback on a review site they are usually okay to post :thumbsup: it's about reputation. I had a deal deleted due to the site being a sole trader, I still got my goods today

I don't think there is anything wrong with buying from smaller merchants, but i think the point is to recommend tried and tested places with a good track record. Also i don't think this site should be turned into a glorified free advertising board as it would encourage scamming etc

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Yes, I can understand that, I guess the scammers and fraudsters spoil it for the majority of honest people.
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