I like it, I would just prefer more deals on the front page in "full detail" view.

I just wish that searches came back in date order.

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http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/271746/the-old-hukd/Same question is asked … http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/271746/the-old-hukd/Same question is asked regularly.

Sorry - didnt realise, dont normally read the forums very much


I just wish that searches came back in date order.

So do I... this search is just rubbish

I still like it. Only a couple of things still bug me.

1. I would like the search to be better as said before.

2. I think it would be better for HUKD front page to show "NEW" deals rather than "HOT" deals. I feel that this way more people are likely to heat up deals that hve not been seen. I am guilty of it. I log on scan up and down the page and log off. It seems that the "HOT" deals get hotter while that other deals hardly get a look in. Just my 2p worth. :santa:

Dont get too used to the new site, im sure it will change again soon!

Hehe, only joking!

im getting used to it but i think it should of changed over at a different time, changing everything right on top of xmas was a bad idea imho.

the search function here is terrible
id like to see the more hot deals on the front page and a little tidier looks messy

also does anyone else agree that deal anarchy from the masses needs removing or changing lol
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