Personally, I think the Deal Request forum is good enough for buying advice to be included with questions on that subject. An example is christmasshopper's request for advice on buying a new computer. People here tend to be very helpful + forthcoming with advice.

Dividing up into too many seperate forums, without enough interest, can become very messy. I've noticed that the comments + suggestion forum is rarely used, but is needed. Also the misc... musings forum doesn't get too many posts, but is part of the fun of HUKD.

I regularly look over other web forums + think they've become too splintered. When I get back in here, it's satisfying to see things simply based, with easy navigation through the forums + topics. I'm not just saying that because I'm a moderator here, but more for the reason that it really is less cluttered + is divided by the right amount at this moment in time.

I agree with Ray's views on this issue
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