You could also do help with computers and viruses, etc...

Yeah, I would be happy to help out....

I can bet nmost of the questions will be:

"How do you use cashback sites?"
"How do these FREE contracts work?"
"Which mobile phone company is most reliable for chequebacks"


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Well, at least we have some interest

Admin, any comments??? :?:

So sort of an "Ask an Expert" section?

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So sort of an "Ask an Expert" section?

Not so much 'expert' more like an 'adviser' :wink:

There'll be a place for unlocking phones too if we do this.

The world is your lobster.

Personally I find it better to read helpful information posted within a topic. So would it be difficult to implement a help button in that way?

For example, if it was a topic on the SE k750i at CarPhoneWarehouse.Com. Then have a button over there :arrow: which says Related/Topic Help/Advice, which would cover the phone and the retailer.

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OK rayman, you have a good point but what if somebody needs some advice on say a non mobile related website or a Paypal related question. Quidco use Paypal so a question could come up. Also this is a more 'friendlier' board than all of ebays and other forums I've been on. I would fee happier asking a question on here than anywhere else.
Of course these are just my opinions.

Well, that is my point really, the button would take you to a Help Forum dealing directly with that topic.

Maybe an add on, a Request Help button?

I think a help forum would be best as an individual forum away from deals, just offering help on anything and everything, such as computer problems, mobile unlocking, retailer info, etc...

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Well, that is my point really, the button would take you to a Help Forum … Well, that is my point really, the button would take you to a Help Forum dealing directly with that topic.

Yes, that would work. Good idea.

Putting the help button subject aside, I think this could be put into one of the forums we have already. Deal Requests and Misc Musings both share similarities with this.. especially Deal Requests, as help requests are a kind of deal request :P It's not like these forums, particularly Misc. is that busy so either of them could take the extra posts.


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I was thinking of a more dedicated forum. One just where members can post for any kind of help but not so much on topics that are already covered.
I see the problem this could cause. Members could end up using the 'help' forum instead of the appropriate deal request forum etc. :cry:
Could you make subtitle it 'non deal request forum' or something similar?

I was thinking that about the Misc forum, as it's not used too often.

I think people would be more likely to post there if it was a specific problem. There could be comments on retailers in there too, solving the problem I've been talking about with a feedback forum too...

Rather bizzare - I just posted something 'similar' to this to rayman.... my idea:

"Just had a thought for a new forum. While this is not directly linked with 'deals' as such it will still save people money and time asking their questions here rather than paying someone else to give the info.

I'm talking about a 'techie forum' which could range from PC's to Satellite dishes and more.

I think by offering this you will probably get more people posting deals as well for the everyday items that some people just think are too obvious to post."

Valid point though that if something like this is to be implemented then it will need some sort of co-ordination so that the answers are linked to deals then this is posted or linked in the correct way.

I think there would be some real value in this and we could get a very good guide for each common question relating to, well, practically anything.

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