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The HUKD temperature gauge (the little red and blue arrow next to each … The HUKD temperature gauge (the little red and blue arrow next to each deal) is used by members to show their opinion on the deals, competitions, vouchers and freebies on HUKD. Members vote "hot" for those offers that seem pretty special. Enough hot votes and the deal will go front page.Deals which don't quite hit the mark tend to be voted cold - remember if you're voting a deal cold, it's in the interest of the community to leave a constructive comment within the thread.

Am I right in thinking that it's now ok for members to vote a deal cold JUST BECAUSE in their opinion they don't like the deal ??

Surely this is completely different to the old HUKD way of only voting deals cold if it's not overall a good deal ??

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What makes a deal or offer "seem pretty special"?

Is it price alone? Or a subjective vote based on each individual member's opinion of the product, the retailer, the price, the delivery times, or any other criteria that just defeats the purpose of voting at all?



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Would have been nice to get some sort of official response to the above being as it's a fundamental part of HUKD ??

It has not been two days since you started this thread & the Moderators/Admin do not read every thread in the "Feedback" forum quite as quickly as we would like as it is rapidly turning into the "Misc" forum (certainly since the site re-design).

If you (or I, or indeed anybody) 'bumps' it back to the top of the first page periodically we may find somebody bites.

I would suggest using the "Contact Us" link below, but the site representatives are probably busy with other tasks at present. A pointer to this thread in the "HUKD Bugs / Glitches" would not be the most appropriate place to highlight your concerns, but it may mean somebody notices the thread sooner rather than later (or not at all).

I submitted a report via "Contact Us" last week & it wasn't until I asked for a reply during the discussion of site issues (five days later) that I received one. I then used the function again (and replied directly via e-mail) just under four days ago & I have yet to receive any further reply.

PS. This thread (comment #23) has had Moderator input previously (at my request):
Voting Cold on a deal just because you don't like the product



I must admit my finger's itching to vote cold if it's Daniel O'Donnell et al, but I am an adult and I just ignore those posts as they don't interest me, even if it is bargain of the century.

I tend to vote on those things specifically if they're appealing, and of course, we all can't spend all day voting on EVERYTHING..! Tread carefully when voting cold on a mod's deals, though I think that eggshells situation is being looked at. Which is great news, and a bit of sanity!

As another member said, if a humble HUKD member tried to manipulate votes or send a rude PM to people who voted them cold a few times, they'd get the boot.

Of course, as on any forum, you get the odd eejit who votes cold and spouts hateful nonsense for no apparent reason, example: hotukdeals.com/dea…16/ (post #6).

I like to think most people have good intentions and trolls are a minority. I hope so!
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We'll change the wording hottoshop

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We'll change the wording hottoshop

Thanks JB, appreciate the response and the impending action.

Thread expired.
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why would a change of wording be needed?

Surely it's a matter of opinion when someone votes hot or cold for whatever reason. who's to say whether voting one way or another is right or wrong? It's all subjective and as I've said before 99.9% of genuinely good deals will be voted hot regardless of a few in (some peoples mind) wrongful cold votes.

If the pandering to those who moan about their "deals" continue I can see cold voting being scrapped and a site already suffering due to the "downgrade" being filled with dross deals all being voted hot and all of the standard "wow great deal voted hot" comments being liked by the same 32 members in every thread.

I have mentioned it before (and it was claimed I was trying to draw attention to myself for some reason), but I'll mention it again...

After years of voting "hot" based on the best price for an item (or the same item with better terms; e.g. more incentives/cashback/etc.) I stopped voted earlier this year after a few heated debates where it transpired my votes were being 'cancelled' (offset by negative/cold votes) by members just voting down because they didn't like the product, or it was from the 'wrong' retailer, or some other reason that was purely subjective.

Apparently I was ‘stupid’ (and other choice descriptions) because of my viewpoint; but I am not the only member who believes voting should be based on price alone. This is HotUKDeals.com; not ILikeThatProduct.com (or whatever).

I would welcome a definite statement about what a "hot" vote is supposed to be for.

If it remains a subjective view on any other criteria other than price than I shall continue to not vote as I think it achieves nothing if everybody is voting for their own, and differing, reasons.



Whilst your doing some re-wording, under the 'inappropriate content' section in help, it says the report button is on the left, when it is now on the right.
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