the font in the android app is also bigger which isn't as nice as before..


Hi redmouse2 - have you accidentally clicked "ALL" so you now see all content? Just click this to see the deals - hotukdeals.com/all…hot

If its something else, please provide a screenshot and i'll see whats up.

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hi mod

that link had no effect.

not sure this is a visual thing rather than web design. i didn't change my settings. there was an update yesterday that affected how my screen reader behaves with the site.
the structure/code of the site must have been changed. i navigate the site using headings, each headings contains the main title of each deal. yesterdays update removed these headings and replaced these with html landmarks. this is causing problems with screen readers who do not support html landmarks.

all I'm asking is to revert back to pre yesterdays update.

i have tested on chrome and firefox pc and safari on mac.

this needs to be looked at by someone who understands html5 screen reader accessibility.

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