Not up for a logo comp sorry!

It's a matchbook ryoooh.

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what is a matchbook emma?

oh ok fair enough

video comp?....lol

Not saying we may not redesign it but just saying wouldn't do it in a competition format.

If you are thinking up ideas for competitions we had a thread about our anniversary somewhere and I've said I'm open to any fun ideas etc

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ok thx ill look

I like the current Logo.

[COLOR="DarkGreen"]It's a matchbook ryoooh.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Magenta"]i never noticed that till now lol[/COLOR]

A matchbook because its HOTukdeals:thumbsup:

Im a big fan of the current logo, its the right combination of retro and modern design. Saying that, im up for any kind of competition, mind.:whistling:

hello birdy! missed ya!!


hello birdy! missed ya!!

I miss you too Lou!! :-( xxxxxxxxxxx

Ummm....no to a logo comp :whistling:


I miss you too Lou!! :-( xxxxxxxxxxxUmmm....no to a logo comp :whistling:

definately a no, i never win any comps here, someone beats me to it!! :x

I Love the site exactly as it is - used to the colour sceme and the logo's fine too

Could change it to an empty wallet! :giggle: :giggle:


Could change it to an empty wallet! :giggle: :giggle:

Now that's a winner right there :thumbsup:

Edit -----


There you go... Am I the winner then :giggle:


I like our current logo - couldnt be the same without it!
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