Thanks a lot Kommunist! I've really missed this functionality since the changeover.

Can you post a direct link to this page Kommunist? I think we can put it in the top bar no problem.

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I thought I did? See link in my first posting.

I think Kommunist means this list:


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Not quite. If you right-click on "Quick Links" on menu bar and then select "Open in new window" (or tab), then the menu bar will change to the one I described. In new window, of course. And one of menus on that bar will be "New posts".

Here is direct link to page with new menu bar:

Okay, got you! Looks like it only works in Firefox to me:


Oops Yeah does work in IE too [don't know why it didn't just now :roll:].


The thing is, you lose a lot of the other drop down list options from Quick Links.

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Who cares? You can access CP from button one the left. PM button is on the right, so you are only losing "subscribed threads" and "who is online" buttons.

I think Paul can maybe change it component-for component, changing the "today's post" list for the "new posts" one in the list...

...oh, I see. I prefer that menu bar anyway.

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I guess it is possible to let user decide which menu bar is preferred? Just like you can choose on editing form

I like the bar with Mark Forums Read, but as moderators we can see a few more options in the forums [as you know Kommunist :)] So it doesn't really matter that much when you're buzzing around from one to the other anyway.

It's more of how you want it to look [by majority and if Admin can do it basis of course :)].

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yeah, I know it looks different for various users - that's why I normally have registered accounts for each category. On my forums of course

Hehe it's about time you put your forum in your profile

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It's a Russian technical forum Don't think it would be of much interest for UK folks..

BTW, I wrote my previous posting from my PDA phone. And you know what? The menu bar is the one I prefer
! I thought that mods changed it, but then logged in from PC and found that menu bar is as usual... A mystery http://netlab.e2k.ru/forum/html/emoticons/newest/helpsmilie.gif

Ah maybe that's what Admin set it to for PDA phone browsing... Wasn't there a bit of a discussion about that in the old forum?

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I think it might be because of Javascript. IE on PDAs doesn't support Javascript well. So I switched JS off in Firefox on my PC and got that menu bar again. When you left-click "Quick Links" with JS disabled then menu bar is changing to the one with New Posts. Could be that I clicked QL by accident on my PDA.

[SIZE=2]Ah... now I get it I don't use a PDA so can't try that out. I might try the JS off in Firefox though.[/SIZE]
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