This was reported a while ago by some other members - can I just check if you are submitting your FS/T listing via HUKD or Fo.lk ? And I'll forward the issue on again, thanks

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Thanks for the quick reply, was submitted via HUKD. Also the member who I have dealt with has not received the Pm I sent with my details, is this a Fo.lk/HUKD issue too?


Hi louiseb84, could you just confirm which member didn't receive the message please?

PM function between Folk and HUKD isn't currently synchronised, however we'll take a look at this for you.

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Username is claireycakes

I'm still not receiving PM's?

I am having the same probs as OP, having to go into the threads to see replies etc

I've been having to maually refresh each page to see new posts for weeks.

Its been happening to me for weeks also, its pure annoying when people reply to your sale thread and it looks like your been ignorant. I always go through HUKD and never fo.lk.
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